What Animation Video Type Is Good for Your Marketing Video?

What Animation Video Type Is Good for Your Marketing Video?

Animation is one of the most powerful forms of videos around. Even children’s eyes are instantly attracted to animation. But now, animation is more prominent and accessible than it’s ever been before. New technologies make animation faster and easier–not to mention, capable of brand-new, exciting things. These new forms of animation help to make animated video one of the most diverse genres around.

In which case, how do you choose which animation video type is good for your next marketing video? Let’s consider the options.

2D Animation

This is traditional, original animation; this is what most people think of when you say, “Cartoon”. Flat shapes move across the screen with limited shading and ultimate freedom of form and expression. Disney movies from the 20th century, Looney Tunes, and anime are all examples of 2D animation.

If you are seeking a friendly, appealing look for your video, 2D animation might be right for you. The simplified representation of the world is warm, inviting, soothing, and familiar.

3D Animation

Pixar revolutionized animated film by popularizing 3D animation.3D is a good middle ground between the realism of live-action film and the simplified shape metaphors of 2D animation. Like 2D animation, any shape the animator dreams of can be used to represent real life. But with more dimensions and usually more computer decorations, 3D animation is rendered more realistically, with shadows, qualities of light, and detailed textures. For instance, you could make a 3D animation product video, with your product cartoonified but still realistic, moving in a fully-realized animated universe.

If you’re looking to add the appeal of animation to your branding, but still want your advertising grounded in reality, 3D animation might suit your needs.

Stop Motion

On a surface level, stop motion and 3D animation have similar looks: both create objects out of three-dimensional models, and use real-world camera and lighting effects. The big difference, of course, is that stop motion actually does come from the real world.
This makes stop motion a perfect choice if you’re looking to animate real-world elements–such as a product or an office space–in your video.

White Board

White board animations have become popular since the advent of YouTube. Words and images come into creation before your eyes, relating to the words that the narrator is speaking. Since the words and images don’t normally move once they are created, white board animations are some of the easiest animated videos to make. If you already have a solid pitch in words and beautiful language, which you plan to use as narration for your video, and you want to add visuals to support your speech, white board animations are a cost-effective and appealing strategy for your next ad.

Making the animated video

If you’re ready to get started making your next animated video, our Singapore animation studio can help you. Contact us at [email protected] to find out what Offing Media can do for you!

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